GTA 5 Online, 2017 DLCs
GTA 5 Online: Check out a list of potential new content that Rockstar could seed in 2017Rockstar Games

With Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) Online continuing its popularity unabashed even after four years since the game was released, it only becomes natural for GTA 5 loyalists to expect new content in 2017 as well. Emerging reports indicate that Rockstar Games has lined up a host of new updates that are set to seed this year.

The new content will reportedly unlock new aspects within GTA 5 Online. Check these aspects below:

An important functionality to seed to GTA 5 Online is rumoured to be concerning the Police missions. This is said to seed via the FreeMode DLC route possibly in the second half of 2017.

Also, it is worth noting that GTA 5 experts/renowned game tipsters' expect that there would be as many as three new cars added to the recent Import/Export DLC. The new vehicles are likely to start seeding in February 2017.

Moving back to new DLCs, tipsters are of the opinion that there would be new content which will introduce new Police missions.

Finally, apart from cars, Rockstar Games is also likely to add content related to other in-game vehicles. Therefore, GTA 5 gamers/loyalists are advised to keep their eyes and ears open from now onwards.

[Source: Express UK].