How many of you remember the Knight Rider TV series from your childhood? As far as a refresh is concerned, the show ran from 1982 to 1986, and was about a man and his conscious Pontiac Firebird who investigated crimes that always require a sort of car-based solution.

Now, as it seems, the animated car (KITT) from the show is available once more, thanks to a new mod that's been put up for the massively popular GTA 5. Apparently, the new mod adds both the original car as well as the KITT from the short-lived 2008 series.

While it's better to keep up the suspense related to the addition of KIIT into the game and how it will be presented to you, just for the sake of it, know that when you activate the KIIT mod in the game's story mode, you will get a text message informing you that the KIIT is on its way.

But the KIIT won't be delivered to you the way it would be delivered in the original show. If you can remember correctly from the show, KIIT and Michael Knight would get around in a transport truck, with a ramp lowering out of the truck to let the KIIT get onto the road.

Instead, you will get to know that the KIIT is alive and kicking in the game as soon as the car comes around with its usual electronic brain making those recognisable sounds. Using the mod can be quite exciting the first time around as it's fully automated and even opens the door for you.

As you may expect, this version of the KIIT, like the one from the show, can talk. When the car is around, it will introduce itself in a sound clip featuring the original voice actor, William Daniels. The car also comes with a host of powerful features related to the show, all of which can be accessed via the number pad on the keyboard.

KIIT can auto-drive to a designated location on your map, provided you have chalked out a waypoint for it. The car will also follow you around when you are on foot, and can summon it wherever you are in the map (reminds us of Geralt's horse Roach from Witcher 3).

However, probably the coolest thing about the KIIT is that it can drive on two wheels, called skiing. Apart from that, it can also fire rockets to blow up objects in front of it, and is packed with several sound effects from the show – including the turbo boost sound.

If you haven't picked up the mod as of yet, it's highly recommended that you try it out at least once.

GTA 5 – Money Glitch Solution from Rockstar

Since officially releasing GTA 5, Rockstar had to deal with the number of gamers trying to bend the rules and unearthing several glitches to earn extra money. However, it seems like Rockstar has finally come up with a solution to stop such indiscriminate exploitation of glitches.

Now while Rockstar has no problem with players grabbing extra cash in the game, they want you to earn it rather than applying a cheat for it. And for that matter, the Rockstar store offers all kinds of different gaming packages whereby people can purchase in-game credit and use it to augment their gaming experience, although no one cares.

Keeping that in mind, Rockstar has announced that gamers playing the Prison Break Heist will receive double the amount of payout, and double the amount of RP. Sadly though, the offer was around for three days and after it's gone, fans will resort to the ways they know best.

New Heist DLC: Lamar Missions, Flight 'Stunt School' Update

While there were already murmurs around about a new GTA 5 Low Riders DLC (AKA Lowlife DLC) last week, it looks like GTA 5 tipster Funmw2 (aka TezFunz on Twitter) has found brand new details related to future updates.

Apart from the 12 new cars rumoured for the upcoming GTA 5 Lowlife update, TezFunz has tweeted that hidden game files within GTA 5 have suggest that there's a separate set of Heist missions connected to Lamar, which could turn up in the forthcoming Lowlife update.

Regrettably, there are no solid details regarding the Lamar missions at the moment. However, there's a possibility that the new vehicles in the upcoming Lowlife update could pave the way for the Lamar missions.

Apart from the Lamar mission update, there are new Stunt Races that are also expected to arrive very soon with the release of the reported GTA 5 San Andreas Stunt School DLC. This new update is said to be a follow-up to the past Flight School DLC.

Stay tuned for more updates. 

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