Grey's Anatomy
Pictured: The poster for Season 13 of Grey's Anatomy.Facebook/Grey's Anatomy

The mid-season premiere of ABC's Grey's Anatomy will finally reveal Alex's fate, who in the previous episode was ready to take the plea deal so that his girlfriend Jo wouldn't have to testify and thereby attract the attention of her estranged husband.

Alex may escape prison if DeLuca drops the case, but three other doctors are definitely going to prison in Season 13. According to TVGuide, Arizona, Jo and Bailey will head to the slammer to treat a patient who is too dangerous to be let out.

"Arizona's been called in on a case at a maximum security prison for an inmate who can't go to a regular hospital because she's that dangerous," Jessica Capshaw told TVGuide. "After the longest day of all of their lives, they all go to a maximum security prison, where they are meant to do something that seems like a pretty simple procedure," Capshaw said. "It's truly kind of creepy at the same time as it's super-provocative and exciting."

Season 13 episode 10 will also shed some light into Owen's emotional state now that Amelia seems to have called it quits on their marriage. As for whether the two will eventually make up, Kevin McKidd, who plays Owen, told TVGuide that he hopes the future is a good one for his character.

"I think he's definitely going to try and win her over, but I think he's maybe getting a little tired of going, 'What is going on in the universe? Is this some universal joke? I keep becoming deeply involved with people that turn out to potentially not want to have the same life that I want.' He's getting tired of it. So, it's quite an existential thing for Owen, this situation. It's very distressing to him. ... I hope, because I love working with Caterina, I hope they can make it, but...if Amelia and Owen fundamentally want different things, that's always hard to come back from in any relationship."