Justin Chambers
Pictures: Justin Chambers as Alex in Grey's Anatomy.Facebook/Grey's Anatomy

The midseason finale of Grey's Anatomy Season 13 saw Jo finally telling the truth of being married to her boyfriend Alex, who was ready to face the consequences of beating up Andrew DeLuca after falsely believing that he was hitting on a drunken Jo.

Jo decided to come clean after she realized she would have to testify, paving the way for her abusive ex-husband to find her as court documents would be public record. But she could avoid such a situation if Alex took the plea deal and ends up spending his time in prison for two long years. This means Justin Chambers' Alex will be missing in action for a while, but such a scenario could be prevented if Andrew decides to drop the charges altogether.

The episode ended in a cliffhanger with Alex waiting to take the plea deal, but then he receives a voice mail from Meredith saying they're the only two of the five original interns left, and that she would be the only one left if he takes her the plea deal.

Elsewhere in the episode titled Richard found out that he was being replaced by Eliza, and he is not pleased. When the show ended, his relationship with Miranda Bailey was severely strained and it looks like she is going to be even more unpopular when the show returns.

Another shocking development featured in You Haven't Done Nothin' was Amelia's decision to leave Owen saying she does not want to have children. While it is indeed sad that Owen's desire to have children has ruined things for him and Amelia, something good that happened out of this was Owen and Nathan bonding and the former opening up about his first wife Cristina.

Grey's Anatomy will return with Season 13 episode 10 in 2017.