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Fans of ABC medical drama "Grey's Anatomy" are awaiting the show's return to find the fate of their favourite couples, who were all going through difficult times in the midseason finale.

For instance, Derek was shown leaving Seattle for Washington D.C., to head the brain-mapping project, and since then speculation has been rife that Derek and Meredith were heading for a split. Interestingly, split rumours gained traction despite executive producer Shonda Rhimes assuring Derek and Meredith were unlikely to part ways.

"It feels very TV for people's marriages to end over easy things or hard things," Rhimes told Entertainment Weekly last year. "I actually would like to watch a couple have a hard time in their marriage, and have it not be that that means their marriage is over. There's something really great about watching a couple have a mature marriage where stuff goes wrong, things are hard, and people try to push through it and figure it out."

But there seems to be no future for Callie and Arizona, as therapy too did not help the couple to work through their problems. Also, the midseason finale showed Callie doing better off without her cheating partner. 

Meanwhile, another couple who will face a lot of difficulties in the next half is Jackson and April. The midseason finale showed Stephanie learning that the couple's baby has a rare disease, and although Jackson and April's marriage is strong, it remains to be seen if this shocking news will affect their relationship.

Spoilers also tease a new romance between Amelia and Owen, now that Cristina is no longer in the picture. Fans have been expecting this ever since the duo bonded over their dark past, and Kevin McKidd noted in an earlier interview that it would be interesting pairing.

"That could be interesting," McKidd, who plays Owen, told The Hollywood Reporter in October, when questioned about the possibility of a romance between the two doctors. "I'd like to explore that for the character. I think Shonda is interested in that idea. The damage of those two characters could really be interesting to put together. It could create a lot of comedy."

However, their romance could change the relationship dynamics between Owen and Amelia's brother Derek. "[That] relationship would take on a whole new dynamic and level, which could be really fun to play with — 'Whoa, you're dating my sister now?!' And Meredith and Owen have always had a slightly complicated relationship. I think there could be a lot of possibilities there." McKidd said.