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The winter finale of season 11 of "Grey's Anatomy" is expected to end in a major cliffhanger, with a lot of characters taking risks to secure their personal as well as professional lives.

Episode 8 of season 11 is titled "Risk," and based on spoilers, Maggie and Meredith will gang up on Derek when they disagree on the best way to approach a patient's case. This puts them at odds in their personal and professional lives, and if rumours are to be believed, then viewers will see their relationship veering off.

It doesn't help matters when the President once again reaches out to Derek to take up the post in Washington.

A promo clip shows an assistant to the President visiting Derek at the hospital to let him know that the President still wants him to head the brain-mapping project.

"You told him no. Confidentially, he doesn't love being told no," the assistant says. "He thought another conversation was the least you could do for him. And those were the words of the president."

The finale will have multiple cliffhangers, and the biggest will be regarding Derek and Meredith's relationship, which is expected to be bigger than the one last year when April was forced to make the choice between Jackson and Matthew at her wedding, reported TVLine.

Another teaser video, which shows April having a pre-natal sonogram with Stephanie's help, shows her husband's former lover accidentally spilling baby's gender, in addition to finding some disturbing information about the baby.

"I need you to look at this. I think there's something wrong with Jackson and April's baby. I haven't told her. I haven't told Jackson. I have no idea what to do. Maybe we're wrong," Stephanie is heard telling Arizona in the clip, to which the latter replies, "I hope so."

The official synopsis of the episode, which airs on 20 November at 8pm ET on ABC reads: "Maggie and Meredith disagree with Derek about the best way to approach a patient's case, which leads to a bigger argument between the couple. Meanwhile, Callie feels responsible when one of her veterans is pushed too far and one doctor's routine procedure results in a devastating diagnosis."