The Great Wall of China
Representational ImageNICOLAS ASFOURI/AFP/Getty Images

Another world heritage site is in danger!

According to South China Morning Post, a group of visitors have been reportedly accused of cooking over a campfire at the Great Wall of China.

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Beijing Youth Daily reported that at least six people have been spotted lighting a fire and cooking a meal at the Panlong Mountain section of the heritage site which is nearly 150 km away from China's capital Beijing.

The campfire was first spotted by some volunteers who then informed an official about it. The official, who has been identified only by his surname Li, went to the spot to investigate.

"We asked them to follow us down the mountain, but they were uncooperative and refused to show us their identity cards," Li said.

The official advised the visitors earnestly while his colleagues extinguished the fire. "In the end they just left and we could not stop them," he further added.

South China Morning Post carried some photos of the incident that showed a man arranging bricks to build a campfire while a bag of noodles lay next to it. The report added that the incident left some of the bricks partially burnt.

As noted by South China Morning Post, anyone caught damaging or endangering a cultural relic site is subject to either a warning, a fine of up to 500 yuan ($75) or up to 10 days' detention under Chinese law.

Every year the Great Wall of China attracts 10 million visitors.