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Everything is changing on The Grand Tour so fast. Last week, it was announced that The American segment has been axed from the show. And, now it is Celebrity Brain Crash.

In a newly released video by The Grand Tour, one of the hosts, Jeremy Clarkson, confirmed that there will be no more Celebrity Brain Crash.

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For a quick recap, Celebrity Brain Crash is a special segment of the show like The American, in which a celebrity dies (dramatically!) while attempting to visit the TGT tent in front of a live audience. This particular segment drew a lot of negative criticism during the first season.

However, the video shows that Clarkson along with May and Hammond are asked to come up with an alternative idea instead of Celebrity Brain Crash.

And, Jezza happened to find a bizarre one — he cuts a car in half and asks people drive it including James May and the crew members. He also named the half car as 'Half a Romeo'.

Check the video here.

Adding, TGT producers and Amazon bosses have decided to keep the travelling tent at a fixed location (especially for the accident-prone hosts). Therefore, the half of the second season is being filmed in the Cotswolds in south-central England.

The Grand Tour Season 2 is slated to be released on Amazon Prime Video on December 8. Like the first season, it will be aired on weekly basis.