Salman Khan and Govinda in Partner
Salman Khan and Govinda in PartnerYouTube Screenshot

Salman Khan and Govinda have worked together in movies, and the two share a good bond. However, before Salman became the star he is today, he had a rather unpleasant encounter with the then superstar.

During one of his old appearances on Koffee with Karan, Salman had once narrated an incident where he met Govinda, and the latter's humble gesture rather made him feel "small".

Talking about his struggling days as a model, Salman said that he once met Govinda, who is already a star, at a studio, and he appreciated the latter's work saying, "Hey man, you are doing really good work". While Salman made it look like he was already a big star, Govinda however, reacted by humbly shaking his hands with him and saying "thank you, thank you", apparently to mock him.

"Second thing that changed my whole thinking was I was modelling, Govinda had one Love 86, he had done Ilzaam. After Mithun, Govinda was the next big thing. I was modelling for Smash t-shirts, and Govinda came in to the makeup room, and I told him 'Hey man, doing some really good work', like I am some super star. Then he held my hands and was repeatedly saying 'thank you sir..thank you sir'. He made me feel so small," Salman said on the show.

Salman narrated the incident while talking about incidents in his struggling days that made him the star he is today.

Salman and Govinda had featured together in the film Partner that showed the former playing the character of his "love guru". Recently, Govinda was in news for he had claimed to have been offered a role in James Cameron's big Hollywood film Avatar. He had said that he was offered the role, but he had rejected it. Govinda had even said that the title "Avatar" was suggested by him to the director.

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