Govinda - David Dhawan

Despite giving Bollywood some of the biggest and most popular hits in the 90s, it seems like the David Dhawan – Govinda friendship has gone sour permanently. The hit duo, who charted out back-to-back hits at one point of time, don't even like mentioning each other's name anymore. 

Last year, Govinda had revealed that he was the one who had narrated the script of Chashme Badoor to David, who started making the film with Rishi Kapoor behind Govinda's back. In a recent interview with Rajat Sharma, Govinda has said that he heard David Dhawan saying on the phone that he doesn't want to work with him anymore.

"I don't think even his son will do 17 movies with him, because he is David Dhawan's son and he's educated. I didn't even know the meaning of doing that many movies with an actor. I did not even treat my relatives the way I treated him. Even my brother is a director, but I haven't done 17 films with him," said Govinda.

"When my secretary was in conversation with him, I had changed a little as I left politics. I had asked my secretary to keep the phone on speaker while talking to him, and that's when I heard, 'ChiChi has started questioning way too much. I don't want to work with him anymore. Ask him to do any small role that he gets," he added.

A Deccan Chronicle report quoted a source saying that the reason behind all of this could be David Dhawan working with other actors like Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt. The source also said that David might try to bridge the gap once Govinda calms down.