NASA meteor secureteam10
YouTube Screenshot: Secureteam10

Conspiracy theorists in the United States are alleging government coverup after the US military did not respond after a huge meteor hit the earth near a military base. Even though the space body hit and exploded with 2.1 kilotons force on last month in Greenland, the United States Air Force has made no mention of the event.

The meteor impact happened on July 25, just 43 kilometres north of an early missile warning Thule Air Base. Many conspiracy theorists, in the wake of the incident, alleged that the US government has no counter protective measures to combat a meteor impact. They also claim that the United States' action plan to destroy dangerous asteroids are still on papers, and nothing has been implemented so far in real life.

Experts believe that a perpendicular trajectory of the object could have resulted in more devastating events, possibly similar to the 20-metre space rock that exploded in the air over Russia without warning on. The unexpected nuclear hit in Russia five years back resulted in the injury of more than 1500 people, and it also compelled authorities to form the International Asteroid Warning Network.

As the Air Force continues to remain silent, conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'Secureteam10' uploaded a video alleging government coverup. The video uploaded by Tyler Glockner soon went viral, and within 24 hours, it racked up more than 333,000 views on YouTube. After watching Glockner's video, viewers also put forward their thoughts on this bizarre incident.

"It's time to start firing public officials that whitewash this stuff. And I think mandatory imprisonment is in order to show that the people are serious about these corporate coverups. These coverup agencies are useless and should be defunded when they do this crap. What possible justification is there for us to support govt agencies that lie to us?" commented Al Darfco, a YouTube user.

"They will NEVER tell us of anything coming toward earth. They don't want panic. I am sure they'd rather let people die and pretend they didn't know that to cause mass panic and hysteria," commented Xyrius D, another YouTuber.