NASA meteor
Falling from the sky? YouTube Screenshot: Secureteam10

On March 17, 2018, three weather stations operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) detected the fall of a strange object from the skies, approximately 16 miles off the coast of Washington. The entry of this strange object resulted in a bizarre sonic boom which made many people think that it was an alien raid.

Scientists searching for a fallen meteor for the first time

However, after initial analysis, the NOAA revealed that the strange object which shocked many was actually a meteor. Now, four months after the incident, the Ocean Exploration Trust is apparently working with NASA and NOAA to unveil the mysteries surrounding the sonic boom and bizarre flashes produced by the object.

As an initial step, Nautilus, the exploration vehicle conducted a search operation in about .4 miles of the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary on June 01. A day later, two exploration vehicles named Hercules and Argus investigated the seafloor. During the exploration, the exploration vehicles have apparently discovered two pieces of molten rocks from the ocean surface, and it will soon be sent for investigation.

NASA meteor secureteam10
Another YouTube Screenshot: Secureteam10

This is for the first time that NASA is trying to spot a fallen meteorite from an ocean, and this unexpected operation has compelled many conspiracy theorists to believe that the space agency is hiding something.

Tyler Glockner links it with loud booms heard across US

As NASA started its operation to locate the fallen space body, popular UFO researcher Tyler Glockner argued that the meteor falling event could be connected to the recent mystery booms heard all across the United States.

In a video uploaded to his YouTube channel 'Secureteam10', Glockner argued that something strange is happening in our skies, and NASA is intentionally covering up many facts regarding aliens and UFOs.

The video soon went viral, and it has already been viewed more than 4,17,000 times on YouTube. After watching the video, viewers also put forward various theories explaining this weird sky event.

"This meteor should have been visible enough for amateur astronomers to track it well before it crashed into the sea, I bet the military will want to recover it and hush everything up," commented David, a YouTube user.

Another YouTuber NaomiDollxoxo blamed NASA for not informing the public before a space body is going to make an impact.

"I live in Washington and that was visible in the sky for many many miles. What I am unhappy about is that none of us were warned this was coming and they KNEW it ahead of time. So this shows me that if a meteor or comet is heading toward people, they won't be warned," commented NaomiDollxoxo.