The tech world is taking leaps with newer inventions every now and then to improve the user experience and most importantly to create a benchmark in the competitive industry.

Leaks are quite common for tech crazy people expecting more from every new introduction in the tech industry. When it comes to smartphones, even the company engineers face difficulties to cope up with magnificent designs portrayed by the leaks. But when it comes to the craftsmanship of Google flagship phones, the leaks and speculations are unstoppable because of larger expectations of the fans from the benchmark creator.

Leaks and rumours about the Google Pixel 4 have been flooding the internet after Google recently addressed the leaks. The latest update about the flagship came from the images of some Pixel 4 screen protectors circulating on the internet.

pixel 4 leaks
Google Pixel 4 leaksgoogle

The circulating picture of the screen protector shows the front bezel with dual camera lids on one side and multiple sensor alignments to the other side of the bezel. The additional punch holes in the head increase the expectations that the phone might support the latest small radar sensors that Google is working on. The radar sensors will be the next-gen invention that would allow full sync gestures and a touch-less experience. Considering the leaked image, the phone is expected to come with a fully curved 5.6-inch display with almost bezel-less sides.

The Google Pixel fans are revolving around expectations and rumours about advanced camera tech, better specs, and Android Q. There was also an outburst of leaks that stated that the phone might pack in a Snapdragon 855 Plus booster for smooth processing. 

Google pixel 4
Google Pixel 4 leaksGoogle

With the expected launch date still far away, the leaks are enhancing the anxiety and enthusiasm among the people. As being the most awaited phone of 2019, there might be more intriguing leaks for the fans and at the same time, there are expectations for a realistic and a fully packed futuristic phone by the manufacturers. There is no doubt that there is lots more to come when it comes to Pixel 4 leaks. Stay tuned for updates.