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In December 2017, Google read the micro mobility of the Indian market well and launched a two-wheeler mode on Google Maps. It offered motorcycle navigation in India and now, exactly a year later, the company has come up with another first— navigation for three-wheel autos including fare and routes for select regions.

The newly updated Google Maps has been made available in Delhi and will help capital city dwellers find important information such as estimated auto fares for routes.

The new Google Maps feature is currently available on Android only and it is likely to come to the iOS app for Apple iPhones soon.

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Google Maps now tells you when the best time to leave for destination isGoogle Maps on Google Play store (screen-grab)

"Starting today, commuters in Delhi will be able to see a new public transport mode in Google Maps -- auto-rickshaws. By selecting this mode of transport, commuters will be able to view suggested routes for the ride as well as the estimated auto-rickshaw fares," PTI quoted a Google spokesperson.

It is to be noted that route fare details reflected on the Google Maps comes from the Delhi Traffic Police department and auto drivers are required to abide by the pre-set fare per kilometre.

This feature is expected to find traction among commuters who are new to a city. Oftentimes, they commuters get hoodwinked by auto drivers and end paying more than the actual fare. With this information on Google Maps, it will help travellers make an informed decision about whether to take a cab the metro or an auto to travel to their destination.

Like the Google Toilet Locator feature, the search engine giant is expected to roll out the auto route fare information service on Google Maps to other Indian cities in the coming months. If the company receives a good response, we will not be surprised if this service expands to South Asian and African regions such as Thailand and  South Africa, among others where auto rickshaws known as Tuk-Tuks are popular among local and foreign tourists.

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