Google is redesigning its not-so-popular social networking platform Google+ by paying special attention to Communities and Collections, two of its most popular features, the company announced on 17 November.

The move was first hinted at by Google Vice President Bradley Horowitz this summer when he finally ended Google+'s job as the social medium for Google products. At that time, he had said that the social network would henceforth start focusing on helping its users to easily share their interests on the network.

Google said the redesigning of Google+ mirrors the feedback they had collected from the social networking platform's users in the past several months.

The new design will see Communities and Collections with a more distinguished location at the top of the tab list as against the old design that had the links to Communities and Collections concealed under the Home pull down menu

The new design is more user-friendly and less muddled, according to Google.

Google noted that 'Communities' that are discussion forums, allowing users to talk about their topics of interests, are currently seeing 1.2 million "joins" per day. 'Collections', which was introduced only in May 2015 and aimed to provide its users -- people and brands -- a means to arrange their posts according to the topic categories, was also experiencing rapid growth in popularity, it added.

"We've made it easier to find Communities and Collections in search, post to Communities and Collections and browse all your favourite content in a beautiful new home stream. The new web experience loads fast and works beautifully on the smallest mobile screens and the biggest desktop displays," Marketing Land cited a Google spokesperson as saying.

The new Google+ can be seen by signing in and clicking on the "Let's go" link in the lower left hand corner when the prompt is visible. In the coming days, updated Google+ apps for Android and iOS will be launched as well.