Privacy is one of the biggest concerns in our modern society. Everybody wants to hide their web habits, app usage, and location data. But Google aims to make its product helpful to the users. And for that, Google needs to know about your web habits and the location where you love to go. So, if you concern about your privacy and also want a helpful Android, then you just have to need to delete your activity manually. This is a very painful and time-consuming task. That changes now.

In an official blog post from Google, the internet search titan is talking about a new privacy feature that all the users are going to love. After receiving feedbacks, Google is going to launch a new privacy feature that will help you to auto-delete your location and web activities.

Google has confirmed the feature will roll out in the coming weeks. Currently, you just have a feature to control off/on your location and activity history and users can delete your history manually.

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Google is rolling out a new featureKAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images

Google's new auto-delete feature works on a timed system, and users can set the time duration to delete the data. You have two options: 3 months or 18 months. Google will automatically delete your location and activity from your account after the selected time duration.

It's certainly a positive step for Google towards privacy. The blog post also hints that the feature will also come soon to other aspects of your Google experience, but it's coming first to location history and your web and app activity.

Google's auto-delete feature is rolling out
Google's auto-delete feature is rolling outGoogle

Prior to this, an AP investigation revealed that Google was still steering and storing the location history of users who had turn off the history and search giant used this data for target Ads.

This month is very important for the Google as I/O annual conference is going to commence on May 7 and Google is going to launch its budget Pixel 3a and 3a XL devices in the conference. With these devices, Google is going to foray into a mid-budget smartphone. The new pixel series is also coming to India on the same day of launch. Apart from the Pixel 3a, Google will also do some innovative announcements during the annual conference. So, stay tuned for more updates.