Independence Day Google doodle
Independence Day Google doodleGoogle

On the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of India's Independence, Google wished Indians with a unique colourful doodle featuring vibrant wildlife. It showcases the national bird of India, a peacock in the centre and an Asian elephant and Bengal tiger on its sides.

Some of the other artistic elements in the doodle boast of India's national flower, a pond with a view of white lilies, majestic sun rise and mangoes on the backdrop. All the colours of Indian flag like blue, green and white can be seen in the doodle art.

While showcasing an ideal blend of India's flora and fauna, Google specifically mentioned that the doodle was a gesture to India's truck art. "A long-standing tradition in this four million square kilometre nation where truckers who live on the road surround themselves with cheerful folk art to occupy their minds during long months away from their families," the search engine stated.

Interestingly, a click on the doodle will take the users to an assortment of entries on Independence Day, including news reports, videos and portals offering general information. Last year, Google Doodle comprised of a beautiful image of the Indian Parliament along with two peacocks.

India became an independent nation on August 15, 1947, by breaking itself free from the colonial rule of the British. The entire nation celebrates this day with much fervour.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will deliver speech after unfurling the national flag from the ramparts of Delhi's historic Red Fort on Wednesday morning. For the first time, people can watch him live on YouTube and Google. As per reports, Prasar Bharti, which is a public broadcaster of the country, has partnered with them to telecast the programme live online this year.

Happy Independence Day!

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