We've recently reported about a new Samsung patent that reveals a double-sided display smartphone. And now, we have another piece of information that will particularly excite the gaming and video enthusiasts. Dear gamers, Samsung might be working on a phone just for you.

Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Gaming smartphone
The second screen will have multi-touch points at the top and bottom which are ideal for use as gaming controls (buttons)LetsGoDigital

Ever since the Nokia N-Gage, there has been no proper gaming smartphone as such. Of course, a lot of brands –including the recent Razer Phone - did give it a try, but they simply could not manage to create a separate market for themselves. There's also the fact that you don't get dedicated gaming controls - like the Nokia N-Gage – and that you play on a relatively smaller screen, therefore Samsung has designed a smartphone with two displays.

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Samsung Galaxy Gaming device
The two screens are connected by means of hinges at the top and bottom, allowing the phone to be flipped open or closed like a flip walletLetsGoDigital

The folks at LetsGoDigital have got their hands on new a patent published in the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) database that was requested by Samsung Electronics on April 24, 2017. The patent application reveals a mobile device with multiple touchscreen displays and a corresponding operating method.

From the above sketches by LetsGoDigital, we can see the two screens next to each other, which are connected at the top and bottom by a hinge. This smartphone is foldable just like your flip wallet, and you can close the phone when not in use. There is a visible seam in the middle where the screens meet, but it is very minimal. Samsung also seems to have applied the quintessential curved edge-design on the edges of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy Gaming Device
The second screen is completely shut off when the phone is being used in its folded position, and powers up only when its is flipped open to consume less powerLetsGoDigital

Users can open both the screens to create an extra wide display, or just use one screen, depending on the application. The second screen will then be placed below the main screen. Incidentally, this design corresponds to the design that we have seen with the foldable smartphone - the Galaxy X- from Samsung. With this patent, however, we now get the idea of how the mobile phone is operated.

Meanwhile, to calibrate both displays to work in conjunction, there are various sensors built-in that measure how one display relates to the other. That way, the device knows when the main display is in use and will automatically switch off the other screen as long as the smartphone is being used in its folded position. The second screen will come to life only when it is flipped open.

That's not all, both the individual screens will include a camera and a speaker on the top and bottom, and both displays may also feature a camera and speaker on the rear panel as well.

Further, the patent describes a method of controlling the screen. The second screen will be a multi-touch screen with two touch areas, one at the top and another at the bottom, where naturally the users' thumbs would go when gaming. Ideal for gaming controls.

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Meanwhile, this isn't the first time we are seeing a smartphone design like this. In 2011, Japanese smartphone maker Kyocera announced its Echo dual-screen Android smartphone, which didn't turn out to be a success. ZTE launched a similar device this year called the Axon M. But with Samsung coming up with such a phone, it will be interesting to see how it changes the face of the gaming smartphone market.

Source: LetsGoDigital (in Dutch)