Samsung has been doing a lot of innovative stuff with its displays. After having almost perfected the art of curved smartphone displays, the South Korean giant is now looking at bendable smartphones with the rumoured Galaxy X.

Samsung is also rumoured to be working on a true zero-bezel smartphone. And just when we thought smartphone displays couldn't get any better, comes news of a 180-degree curved display from Samsung that goes all the way around - from the front of the phone to the back.

Samsung double-sided display
The touchscreen screen is rounded 180-degrees to meet the back of the phoneLetsGoDigital

According to LetsGoDigital, Samsung's patent for a 'Double-sided' display-sporting smartphone has been published in the database of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on December 12.

However, the patent request dates back to September 2016. The original certificate was requested by Samsung Display in October 2015. Which suggests that Samsung might have been working on this for quite some time.

The patent does not contain a lot of textual information, but there are images that give us an idea of what Samsung has in mind. The sketches show a single large touchscreen display that's rounded 180-degrees on the right side of the device.

Samsung double-sided display
The touchscreen display going all the way from the front to the back of the phoneLetsGoDigital

The 180-degree curvature aside, Samsung has gone a step further with the design. The screen runs all the way to the back of the smartphone, covering almost half of the phone's back. This "second" display looks large enough to house at least some app icons.

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Incidentally, this isn't the first time that we are seeing a double-sided display smartphone. Earlier in July, Chinese smartphone maker Meizu had introduced the dual-screen Meizu Pro 7 smartphone series. The second screen of Meizu Pro 7 can be used to display notifications, time, weather and music.

However, unlike Samsung's design, the Meizu smartphones have two separate touchscreen displays.

That said, whether this new design will materialise, is a question for another day, considering that Samsung had filed for the patent around the time of the Galaxy Note Edge launch. Nonetheless, it's interesting to see all the smartphone possibilities that Samsung has been working on.

Samsung pioneered the curved-screen smartphone almost four years back (in 2013) with the world's first curved-screen smartphone the 'Galaxy Round' – a variant of the Galaxy Note. But the technology became mainstream with the launch of Galaxy Note Edge in 2014.

Source: LetsGoDigital (in Dutch)