Men transport an air cooler on a two wheeler during a hot summer day
Men transport an air cooler on a two wheeler during a hot summer dayREUTERS/Amit Dave

Goa is well known as a tourist destination, not just for its scenic beauty or party life, but for the ease of getting around the state with vehicles for rent available aplenty. However, that calm and relaxed attitude may soon be gone as the traffic police looks to crack down on violators with ee-challans.

Goa's state transport department is currently testing, and will soon launch an e-challan system allowing police to more easily fine violators on the spot. Authorities will be given a Point of Sale (PoS) machine that accepts both debit and credit card. In case someone opts to pay with cash, they will also receive an e-challan as verification.

"The device to issue challans and collect fees via credit or debit cards is in advanced stages of testing. The moment it is ready, we will stop the physical issue of challans. Each RTO officer will be given a device," said transport director Nikhil Desai.

The PoS machines are being rolled out by the state's transport body in a partnership with HDFC bank. Apart from helping the authorities go cashless, it will reduce corruption and deter motorists from flouting the rules.

Since vehicles are easily available for rent, many motorists tend to ride without helmets, drive without seatbelts and often drive under the influence of alcohol, endangering their lives as well as that of others on the road. A report by the Goa State Transport Department showed that 96 people have lost their lives in road accidents since January 2018. The police also recorded giving out close to 7,000 challans in May alone.

The system is likely to be in place by the end of the financial year since the government is yet to do certain security and integration checks. It also has to get clearance from the National Informatics Centre (NIC) before going live.