Pramod Sawant

A day after swearing-in as the Goa Chief Minister, Pramod Sawant faced a floor test in the Assembly on Wednesday and won it. His party, the Bharatiya Janata Party won 20-15 with 20 votes in its favour. 

Sawant took the oath to be the CM on Tuesday after a day of negotiations between BJP and its allies - Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party (MGP) and Goa forward Party (GFP). There were rumours that two MLAs from MGP had defected to BJP on Monday. However, the rumours were put to rest after Sawant told reporters that the BJP and MGP were allies. 

Congress tried to lay claim to the Goan government citing that it is the single largest party in the state with 14 MLAs. On the other hand, BJP's coalition government has 12 MLAs and the rest are from MGP and GFP.

Congress was not given a chance and the Goan Congress accused Governor Mridula Sinha of being "an agent of the BJP". 

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2019-03-2013:05 (IST)

Goa's new chief minister Pramod Sawant wins floor test with 20 Vs 15

BJP's Pramod Sawant who was sworn-in as Goa chief minister on Monday night won the floor test conducted in the State Assembly on Wednesday. 

The chief minister won 20 votes in favour of the BJP. 

Earlier, Congress had claimed the government earlier saying that it was the single largest majority with 14 MLAs. 

2019-03-2012:02 (IST)

Trust vote begins in Goa State Assembly

The vote of confidence has begun in the Goan Assembly. the BJP has claimed that it has the support of 21 MLAs in a 20 MLA house. Congress is the single largest party in the state assembly. 

2019-03-2011:31 (IST)

BJP MLAs moved to resorts

BJP lawmakers moved to resort ahead of floor test in Goan Assembly. This move was made on Wednesday to avoid the BJP MLAs defecting to other parties. 

2019-03-2011:30 (IST)

Pramod says that victory is with BJP

pramod sawant
2019-03-2010:56 (IST)

Pramod Sawant was sworn-in as CM on Monday night

44-year-old Pramod Sawant, who shared a close relationship for the last Manohar Parrikar, was sworn-in at 2 am on the intervening night of Monday and Tuesday. He became the chief minister amid high drama where Congress and the BJP lay claim to the government. 

2019-03-2010:03 (IST)

Congress single majority party in Goa with 14 MLAs

Congress has 14 MLAs in the Goa Assembly. On the other hand, BJP has 12 of MLAs and the rest are MLAs from its allies MGP and GFP. 

After Parrikar's death, the number of lawmakers in the Assembly has dwindled to 36. Other reasons for this was also the death of Francis D'Souza last year and Congress MLAs Subhash Shirodkar and Dayanand Sopte resigning last year. 

2019-03-2009:30 (IST)

Sawant confident of coalition passing floor test

pramod sawant
Goa Chief minister Pramod SawantTwitter

"We are going for the floor test tomorrow. There will 2 deputy CMs in this government- Vijay Sardesai and Sudin Dhavalikar. And I request all the people to not congratulate me or welcome me with flowers during the 7-day mourning period," Sawant was quoted as saying by ANI. 

He added, "We have 21 MLAs, we will pass the floor test tomorrow. Our coalition partners are with us."

2019-03-2009:28 (IST)

MLAs to meet at 11.30 am

Goa Governor Mridula Sinha has asked the MLAs to meet at the Assembly hall at 11.30 am for the trust vote.