If you're using a low-performance device with 1GB RAM or less that is struggling to open the Gmail app every time you want to check your mails, then here's some good news for you. Google has just launched a new lighter and faster version of the Gmail app called Gmail Go.

Gmail Go
Gmail Go app is available to download on Google Play Store.Google Play Store

Until now, Google had released lightweight 'Go' versions of some of its popular apps like YouTube, Google Maps, Gboard, and more recently, Google Assistant. And now, one of the most widely-used email apps Gmail has also received the lightweight 'Go' treatment.

The new Gmail Go app is currently compatible only with devices running Android 8.1 Oreo, and is available for download from Google Play Store. However, it is worth noting that the app is currently not compatible with devices running lower versions of Android. The APK file is also available for download via APK Mirror.

The Gmail Go app is basically a lighter version of the Gmail app, but supports almost all the basic features of the main app, including multiple account support and letting you set up non-Gmail accounts such as Yahoo mail, Outlook.com or any other IMAP/POP accounts.

Being a Go edition app, the download size of the Gmail Go app is much smaller than the regular app. Gmail Go weighs just around 9.51MB compared to 20.66MB of the regular app. This means the app will take up very less space on the phone, consuming around 24.80MB when installed as against 47MB consumed by the regular app. In simpler terms, Gmail Go is nearly half the size of the regular Gmail app.

Despite the smaller size, the Go version of Gmail app works a lot like the original app, and also comes with some additional features and some design tweaks here and there.

Gmail Go
Gmail Go interface looks largely identical to the regular appGoogle Play Store

The Gmail Go app comes with an advanced inbox that categorizes social and promotional emails under different tabs and shows the most important emails first. By default, it displays the messages from family and friends first.

The app also groups emails from all IMAP, POP3, and Exchange accounts under one roof. Google has also provided support for sender images and swipe actions within the conversation list. The interface looks largely similar to the original app, with the most visible change being in the "user profile" section that now sits on top of the title bar and does not display your profile picture and background image like that on the regular Gmail app.

Also, the app comes with a feature that automatically blocks spam messages before they hit your inbox using Google's internal data sets and algorithms. There's also an option to report spam or mark as important. Besides, you can also add a label to your emails to categorize them as per your requirement.

What's more, Gmail Go comes with 15 GB worth of free storage. Interestingly, with Gmail Go you can read and respond both online & offline.

All in all, the Gmail Go app experience is identical to that of the main app – it has all the neat options like multi-select, short cuts to jump from inbox to compose mail and swipe gestures, and because this app is very light and quick, loading an email loads the entire content (including images) much faster than before.

Meanwhile, with the Gmail Go app, Google seems to be setting up its Go app portfolio ahead of the Android Oreo (Go Edition) debut. As mentioned earlier, the company has already launched several Go edition apps including, Files Go, Google Go, Gboard Go, Maps Go, YouTube Go and more recently Google Assistant Go.

That said, Android Go phones will be coming to India very soon. It was reported recently that Google has joined hands with several Indian smartphone makers to bring 1GB RAM phones running Android Oreo (Go Edition) – a lighter version of Android Oreo designed specifically for entry-level devices. Meanwhile, Micromax is expected to launch its first Android Go smartphone in the coming days.