Gmail Arrives In Myanmar With Local Language Support; How To Change Your Language On Gmail
Google Brings Gmail To Myanmar; Adds Burmese As A Supported LanguageGoogle Official Blog

Gmail is expanding its presence in new countries by adding support for local languages. By adding Burmese to the list of supported languages, the email service's language count reaches 74.

Internet users in Myanmar can take advantage of the new language support and also choose from two virtual keyboards to exchange emails in Burmese.

The rapid growth of internet users in Myanmar convinced Google to extend its services to the Golden Land. In a matter of over three years, the number of internet users in Myanmar has increased more than five folds. But learning and translating Myanmar's script wasn't an easy task, Google notes.

"To capture the nuances of this language and make sure the translations were accurate, consistent and complete, we relied on an array of Myanmar speakers from within the country, and around the world," Google product manager Brian Kemler said in a blog post.

Burmese is not only native to the people living in Myanmar but a significant number of Myanmar speakers reside in Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States. By supporting a new language, Google is bringing the freedom to express people's feelings in their native way.

How to switch Gmail language to Burmese?

  • Go to Gmail Settings.
  • Select General.
  • Choose Burmese from the Gmail display language menu.
  • Click Save Changes at the bottom and you're all set.

Google's decision to bring Gmail to Myanmar is a part of the company's continued efforts to bring other services in the region. In April 2013, the web giant launched Google Search in Myanmar and recently introduced Google Translate. The translation app is still in alpha and needs tinkering before it's perfect.

Users can participate in helping Google in the translation by contributing an improved version of a translated text. By joining the Translate Community, users can give new translations and also validate the existing ones.