Tiffany Hwang
Tiffany Hwang was welcomed back to social media by several fans.Wikimedia Commons/ SparkleS805

Girls' Generation member Tiffany has finally re-appeared on social media after a seven-week absence. The 27-year-old K-pop artiste updated her Instagram account with beautiful posts, which capture her personality.

Tiffany aka Stephanie Hwang uploaded three pictures on her Instagram account on October 19, promoting watch brand Sheen and her band's collaboration with Casio, Baby-G X Girls' Generation.

In the pictures, the SM Entertainment artiste looks elegant, poised and casual chic while promoting two very different styles of watches. 

Tiffany does look stunning in the pictures but scores of fans didn't comment on her style or her looks; they were thrilled that the Girls' Generation member has returned to social media.

The Lion Heart singer's Instagram posts were flooded with messages from many who said they missed seeing her social media account updated.

This is the first time that Tiffany hasn't been attacked or forced to delete her posts after her previous Instagram controversy.

To be sure, Tiffany's return to social media after a brief hiatus indicates that the singer's "self-reflection" might have come to an end.

If Tiffany does take part in promotional activities in the next few weeks, fans will no doubt turn up in droves. A recent Celebmix article claimed that Girls' Generation has one of the biggest fan following in the world, and that they are present in large numbers, especially at their concerts.

The outlet ranked Girls' Generation at no. 4 in its list of The 10 Highest Grossing Girl Group Concert Tours Of All Time.