Tiffany Hwang
Tiffany HwangWikimedia Commons/ SparkleS805

Girls' Generation member Tiffany's social media account has come under fire again. Tiffany aka Stephanie Young Hwang's recent update on Instagram drew fans' wrath, who again wondered if she is indeed taking time off to reflect on her previous SNS post.

On Tuesday, Tiffany changed her profile picture on Instagram. However, this seemingly non-controversial update drew a lot of hate from fans, who stated that Tiffany's SNS posts only suggest that she's not reflecting on her past actions.

Earlier, the Lion Heart singer found herself in a controversy when she mistakenly used Japan's rising flag emoji in an Instagram post and uploaded it on Korea's National Liberation Day. Tiffany's post was criticised for being un-nationalistic, especially on the day the country celebrates its liberation from its previous coloniser, Japan.

Since then, Tiffany's every social media post has been dissected by a section of Korean public, who want her to take time off and reflect on her post. Although the Korean-American singer apologised and stated that her lack of knowledge on Korean history led her to commit the faux pas, she is still the target for many, who haven't forgotten her Instagram post.

On Tiffany's latest Instagram update, many asked her to delete her social media account. Allkpop quoted one person as saying, "Is quitting SNS really that hard... is it really that difficult to reflect just a little longer, it's only been like a month," while another wrote,  "Heol, is she really reflecting? this doesn't look good for her..."