Jade Hameister

How many of you girls have heard the sexist phrase "make me a sandwich"? How many times has it made your blood boil? The next time this happens, take a leaf out of this 16-year-old Australian explorer's book and give the best reply to men who think low of women.

Australian skier Jade Hameister gave the coolest reply when she was asked by men to go and make a sandwich after her TEDx talk two years ago, where she spoke about her Polar Hat Trick journey and encouraged other women to follow their dreams.

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She posted a picture on Instagram of herself, smiling and holding a sandwich standing amidst the icy desert of the South Pole. She also wrote "... I skied back to the Pole again... to take this photo for all those men who commented 'Make me a sandwich' on my TEDX Talk. I made you a sandwich (ham & cheese), now ski 37 days and 600km to the South Pole and you can eat it."

The picture has garnered more than 5,600 likes and hundreds of people have commented on it, applauding her for this reply.

A user named 'bipanebi' said: "You are straight up amazing!! It is we who should be making you a sandwich... or whatever you might fancy after your sunday walk on the beach!! Keep doing what you are doing, you are a true inspiration to all!"

Another user, 'petycm', said: "You are awesome, inspirational, and have a witty sense of humour. Keep going, brighter things are still on your way!"

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Jade Hameister became the youngest person to complete the Polar Hat Trick by exploring the North Pole, South Pole, and the Greenland ice sheet. She hails from a family of polar adventurers and now has joined the select group of Arctic and Antarctic explorers who have successfully finished the Polar Hat Trick.

Check other pictures from her expedition below: 

On the evening of the 10th Jan 2018 (morning of 11th AEST), we finally arrived at Amundsen-Scott Station at the South Pole after an epic 37 day journey from the Amundsen Coast via a new route through the Transantarctic Mountain Range. In doing so, my 1,300km journey on skis dragging a heavy sled to the frozen ends of the Earth chasing my Polar Hat Trick dream (North Pole, Greenland and South Pole) is now complete. Whilst these adventures were never about breaking records to me, over time I have learnt of the few I have broken along the way. In arriving at the Pole today (aged approx 16 and 7 months), I now have the privilege of being: The youngest person to ski coast to South Pole (unsupported and unassisted). The first woman to set a new route from the coast to the South Pole. The first Australian woman to ski coast to South Pole (unsupported and unassisted). The youngest person to ski to both Poles. The youngest person to complete the Polar Hat Trick. And the honour of being part of the first all-Australian team to set a new route from the coast to the South Pole. My guide, Eric Philips said this was the toughest trip in terms of weather conditions in his 25 years of polar guiding. The wind and extreme cold was relentless and brutal. So many stories, so many memories. I cannot thank the incredibly fun team I shared this journey with enough and everyone back home for your support. Here’s to a hot shower and some real food! #bravenotperfect #expandpossible #climatechange #jadesquest #thepolarhatrick #northpole #greenland #southpole #makemeasandwich #nationalgeographic #nationalgeographicapp @natgeo @natgeoau @australiangeographic

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These past couple of years have been filled with crazy new experiences. Experiences that have transformed me and my soul. New pins on my map, new smells, new tastes, new friends, new cultures and a new mindset. I've pushed myself past what I once thought were my boundaries and challenged what other people once thought was possible for young women in particular. Set world records, been to places no one ever has before and fully immersed myself in simply, being. Chased moments that I can't explain. Moments with emotions and adrenaline high. Feeling on top of the world. Moments that can’t ever be replicated or relived. I’ve constantly been in good company, surrounding myself with only people that make me a better version of the person I was yesterday. A lot of people tell me I’m crazy and ask why would I do something so insane? But the real question is why would I NOT do something so insane? You're crazy not to. Crazy to live a safe life and not do the things that set your soul on fire. The good stories are the unexpected, unplanned stories. This constant passion and light inside me that drives me to be and experience things that other people never will, or are too afraid to is why. These are the things I live for. The moments that are more than being human. I can’t wait for the next chapter of living to begin... #bravenotperfect #expandpossible #climatechange #jadesquest #thepolarhatrick #northpole #greenland #southpole #nationalgeographic #nationalgeographicapp @natgeo @natgeoau @australiangeographic

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