Azita Rahman
Azita Rahman shames sexist co-workerFacebook/AzitaRahman

While most of the world aims to move forward with new technology and a more advanced mindset in general, there seem to be a few people who aim to move backwards. Wonder why we are saying this? Because there seems to be a man who thinks his female colleague "would be a lot better as a secretary."

Azita Rahman from California got a promotion a few days back. While it was a pleasant surprise for her, a co-worker was evidently not pleased. Rahman received a scathing message from the co-worker who thought she did not deserve the promotion.

"No offense but you really don't deserve that promotion," he said, according to the Daily Mail. "I work my a** off and I bring her coffee every're too emotional in your decision making," the message, a screengrab of which was earlier posted on Twitter and later deleted, said. While saying this, the co-worker tried to even defend himself saying he isn't sexist but just thinks that the job is better suited for a man.

"Men are better with numbers, we make better accountants. You'd be a lot more successful as a secretary. Don't get offended I'm just being honest. Hope you don't take it the wrong way," he adds.

While he might have tried to rain on Rahman's parade, she clearly isn't the kind to take it lying down. She hit back at her co-worker saying that unlike him she actually works instead of sending people random messages telling them what they deserve and don't.

"See the difference between you and me in the work place is that while you're spending all your time sitting on your white a**, texting me like this, acting like you're entitled to everything in the world and waiving off hard work just because you're a man – I'm **surprise** actually working hard and getting 'your' promotions," she replied.

"You can say whatever you want but at the end of the day, our male boss used your so-called superior male decision making skills to Not you. I'm sorry your genitals and skin color didn't workout in your favour this time. Maybe next promotion! Until then, your analysis report is due tomorrow. See you then."

Post this exchange, which she shared on twitter, Rahman garnered immense appreciation for her rebuttal and the post received over 33,000 likes. Numerous people also lauded her for putting the disgruntled co-worker in place.