Giorgia Andriani was trolled for looking uncomfortable in a dress at a party. Giorgia looked glamorous as she wore a shimmery short dress. Her outfit has left the internet divided.

While many found her sensuous and slaying in the dress, there were many who felt she looked uncomfortable in it.


Social media comments

"Didn't you find anything shorter than this?" asked one user. "Forgot to wear your underwear," said another user. "Why wear when so uncomfortable," questioned a social media user. "Then they say people troll," wrote another social media user. "Poor thing! Can't stop adjusting," says a netizen. "What's the use of wearing such a thing when you are so awkward," said another netizen.

Giorgia - Arbaaz's relationship

Giorgia might not have any big breaks in the industry but she is one of the most recognised faces. Arbaaz Khan and Andriani have been going strong in their relationship and there were rumours of the two planning to take the next step pretty soon.

giorgia andriani

"There's a humongous age difference between us, but neither of us has felt it. I ask her sometimes, 'really?' It could have been a brief and short-term affair (with her). But when you get into a relationship, you don't look too far ahead, but the longer you're in it, there are more questions that need to be answered," Arbaaz Khan recently told Siddharth Kannan on his show.

The Nirdosh actor also added that they are in that transitional phase. "I think we are in that phase of our lives thinking how we would like to take it further. It is too early to talk for me right now (about it)," he added.