The news of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik having a baby had caused ripples across the world. However, since the announcement overlapped the lockdown, fans have not been able to catch a glimpse of the would-be mother ever since. Even in her live interviews and Instagram posts, the 25-year-old supermodel has been careful to not show off her bump.

However, in a recent live interview, Gigi finally flaunted her belly. Gigi was promoting her new venture, 'Gigi's Journal collaboration' with 'V Magazine' where fans flooded in comments asking her to share pics of her bump. Gigi finally obliged and lifted up her shirt to show a glimpse of her belly.

Gigi wore a loose fitted white and green shirt for the interview and kept her hair loose. She placed the camera to show just her face and shoulders so it was hard to get a good look at her.

Addressing the requests she said, "Everyone's like, you didn't look pregnant in your jumpsuit on your last (IG) live. Because this way I'm going to look normally how I look in this." She explained how her loose clothes have been giving the illusion of a flat stomach in videos. However, she lifted her shirt to show her 7th month baby bump and added, "There's my belly y'all. Like, it's there. It's just that from the front its different, you know what I mean?"


She finally concluded by saying, "I just like taking my time with sharing my pregnancy and you guys will see it when you see it. I'm getting cute stuff."

The supermodel is expecting her first child with boyfriend Zayn Malik, 27. She is currently quarantining with her mom Yolanda Hadid, sister Bella Hadid, and boyfriend, Zayn Malik. Considering she's into her seventh month of pregnancy, she is likely to be due in Sept.