The soon to be mama is living a peaceful life with her beau Zayn Malik, but Gigi Hadid is quite the badass girl. The Victoria's Secret's supermodel is known for her brand collaborations, style, and personal life, but she is also someone that you shouldn't mess up with.

Earlier in 2020, the 25-year-old model was walking the ramp for Chanel's fashion show at the Grand Palais in Paris. What looked like a normal fashion event soon turned into a playground for a notorious YouTube personality.

Later identified as, Marie Benoliel, a woman gatecrashed the show by jumping onto the stage as models walked. Marie had little regard for their choreography and was seen coming in the way of the models as they took over the ramp.

This is when Gigi stepped in. As the other models grouped together for a picture, Gigi stopped Marie by blocking her way. She stood in front of her, not allowing her to move, and then escorted her out of the stage.

Although this was not the first time, that the You Tuber pulled such a stunt, it surely was the first time for her to have been stopped by a model. Famous as Marie S'Infiltre, the You Tuber is known for her comic antics and also runs a one-woman show at a theater in Paris.

Marie later spoke to Elle and said that, "She clearly did not understand my comic approach. Gigi is obviously sublime and a fashion icon and I understand her reaction somewhat and continue to love her in spite of that."

She also called Gigi aggressive and added, "I am not making fun of people, I am pointing how silly some people can be when they lack distance and thinking."

Cardi B who was present at the Chanel fashion show also commented, "I got a little scared when homegirl flew out there."