Popular conspiracy theory YouTube channel Mavi777 has uploaded an eerie video that shows a giant unidentified flying object (UFO) hovering in the skies of Idaho. In the video shot during the night, a bright object with illuminating lights can be seen hovering intact in the skies, and some of the lights in this UFO appeared and disappeared in a very mysterious manner. 

Netizens suspect alien visit

The video shared by Mavi777 has now gone viral, and several netizens started putting forward their theories to explain this bizarre sighting. Most of the people who watched the video strongly suggest that UFO events like these are concrete proof of alien presence on earth. 

UFO Idaho
Alleged UFO spotted in IdahoYouTube/Mavi777

"That was a huge alien ship over that town in Idaho," commented David Turner, a YouTube user. 

Another YouTuber named Shurmash claimed that humans may soon meet their galactic neighbors. Alien enthusiasts strongly claim that advanced alien beings have been visiting the earth for hundreds of thousands of years to monitor to activities of humans on the blue planet. 

Galactic neighbors and the existence of the galactic federation

The new UFO sighting in Idaho comes just a few days after another flying object was spotted in Texas. The UFO spotted in Texas had the shape of a rod, and it was spotted screeching at a mindblowing speed. 

Earlier, Haim Eshed, a former Israeli space security chief had claimed that alien presence is real. According to Eshed, there is a galactic federation where there are members of several alien species, and representatives of the United States and Israel have membership in this federation. He also shockingly claimed that there is a secret underground base on Mars. 

Eshed also claimed that there is an agreement between aliens and the United States. According to Eshed, the agreement allows aliens to research and understand the fabric of the universe.