WhatsApp offers several features and blocking unwanted contacts is one of them. But a major bug on the messenger app seems to have rendered the blocking feature useless, allowing users to contact the ones who blocked them, while also showing their contact in the app's blocked list.

The issue was first reported by The Independent and several users shared the problem on Twitter, confirming the bug on the world's largest instant messaging platform. International Business Times, India, was able to independently confirm the issue, but only for contacts that had been blocked before the bug hit the messenger app.

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The bug not only allowed blocked users on WhatsApp to send messages but also see the last seen, status updates and profile photo of the those who had blocked them. The bug appears to be affecting both Android and iOS users.

There's a major outcry on social media, but the Facebook-owned messaging app is yet to acknowledge the problem and roll out a fix.

How to fix the issue?

While users wait for an official fix, they won't have to deal with annoying messages and prying eyes from blocked contacts. The problem seems to be fixed by unblocking and then blocking the intended person again.

The issue comes at a crucial time for WhatsApp that is hopping legal obstacles alongside Facebook over Cambridge Analytica fiasco. In its wake, WhatsApp introduced the new 'Request Account Info' option to safeguard user data in social media websites and mobile apps.