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Sex dolls and sex robots are slowly grabbing attention all over the world. While Japan already has 70 sex toy/doll brothels, Europe got the first of its kind in March 2017 in Barcelona. But that got shut down due to several disturbing requests from customers.

Now, Germany has got its first sex doll brothel. Founded and run by a 29-year-old woman named Evelyn Schwarz, the brothel is called Bordoll. It currently has 11 silicon dolls — each weighing 30 kg — being rented out for €80 (£71) an hour.

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Schwarz has been operating the place as a regular brothel and BDSM studio for the past three years. In addition to that, the brothel has started offering clients the option of having sex with silicon dolls.

Asked about the customers' interest, the brothel owner explained her customers are happy because they do not have to ask the doll if she is having a good time — they only have to think about their own needs.

"Many of our guests see it as an opportunity to freely try out things they've seen happen in porn. Their wives or girlfriends have their own needs, while a prostitute in a brothel has limits on what they will and won't do, sexually," Schwarz explained to Vice. "But our dolls do everything they want, in any position they like."

Her website reads: "The ladies are real dream women." It also says the dolls are "always willing" and "uncomplicated."

In the interview with Vice, Schwarz praised her employees (read sex dolls) highly. She said: "The dolls are ideal employees. They're always here because they're never sick, they always look good and they offer all three holes with no complaints or extra charges."

Having been imported from Asia for £1,786 apiece, each doll has its own character and name. Although, she had to replace the most popular sex doll of her brothel called Anna as a customer apparently "broke" it.

The brothel owner also said 70 percent of her customers return for the second times as wives of her customers tend to be pretty supportive. They even wait in the cars outside for their husbands to be done with their session with the sex dolls.