George RR Martin is busy writing The Winds of Winter, the much-awaited book in the Game of Thrones saga. There have been several speculations about the book and whether or not Martin would ever complete it. The acclaimed author recently admitted that he wrote several chapters during the coronavirus lockdown, and the book will take some more time. However, Martin recently spoke about Game of Thrones characters like Sansa Stark, Daenerys Targaryen, Hodor, and how they all are going to be executed differently in his forthcoming novel.

George RR Martin
'The Winds of Winter' release date might come as a surprise to the fansReuters

George RR Martin recently talked to Entertainment Weekly editor James Hibberd in his new book, 'Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon,' about Game of Thrones and several characters. The book chronicles the untold and uncensored story of HBO's Game of Thrones - from the creative team's first meetings to staging the series finale and all the discussions that happened when the cameras were not rolling.

Martin on Daenerys Targaryen's rape scene

The very first season of Game of Thrones is attributed as one of the boldest seasons. The entire season is filled with several nude scenes, including multiple sexual scenes between Khal Drogo and his wife, Daenerys Targaryen.

In the book, the first night between Khal and Daenerys is a consensual seduction. However, the show changed it completely, which did not go too well with the viewers and Martin.

"Why did the wedding scene change from the consensual seduction scene that excited even a horse to the brutal rape of Emilia Clarke?" Martin said. "We never discussed it. It made it worse, not better."

George RR Martin on Littlefinger

In HBO's Game of Thrones, we have seen how cunning Littlefinger can be if he wants himself to gain. In the beginning, it was his actions that led Eddard Stark to go to the King's Landing and confront Queen Cersei. Littlefinger promised Eddard that he would support him when confronting the queen about her incestuous relationship with her brother Jaime Lannister. However, as always, he betrays Eddard, resulting in a long battle between the North and the King's Landing.

Game of Thrones season 7
Littlefinger trying to turn Sansa Stark against her half-brother Jon Snow, the King in the NorthYouTube/Screenshot

In the subsequent seasons, we saw how he befriended Sansa Stark and helped her get out of the King's Landing. What surprised everyone was Littlefinger's next actions, where he gave her to Ramsay Bolton, who mentally and physically abused her on multiple occasions.

While talking about such character change, George RR Martin admitted that the character he has written would never do such a thing as he has too many feelings for Sansa.

"Half the time he [Littlefinger] thinks she's the daughter he never had — that he wishes he had if he'd married Catelyn. And half the time, he thinks she is Catelyn, and he wants her for himself."

Martin admits that Littlefinger is not going to give her to somebody who would do bad things to her, and those scenes would be very different in the upcoming book.

The very last book published by George RR Martin showed Sansa Stark living in Vale, whereas Littlefinger gave Jeyne Poole to Ramsay Bolton. A Song of Ice and Fire fans will remember Jeyne as Sansa's childhood friend, who grew up in Westeros alongside all the Stark children. In the books, Jeyne is passed to Bolton as Arya Stark and is used as a pawn to control the North.

George RR Martin on Hodor's Name

Every Game of Thrones fan was left in tears when they learned the real meaning behind Hodor's name in Game of Thrones season 6 episode 5, titled 'The Door.'

Hodor is alive
Hodor is aliveGame of Thrones/Facebook

As per Martin, in the books, Hodor has stolen one of the old swords from the Westeros crypts. Bran has been warging into Hodor and practicing with his body, just like the way he has done on numerous occasions.

"So telling Hodor to 'hold the door' is more like 'hold this pass' — defend it when enemies are coming — and Hodor is fighting and killing them. A little different, but same idea."

Game of Thrones ended in 2019 with a bittersweet ending. Millions of fans hoped to see something more with such memorable characters. Everyone is waiting to read George RR Martin's The Winds of Winter to see how the author will change the story from HBO's fantasy-drama show.