Over the years, Karan Johar's chat show – Koffee with Karan – has given us a closer look at how celebrity equations and friendships change overnight. Looking back at Gauri Khan and Sussanne's interaction with Karan, we couldn't help but wonder how time flies! Both Gauri and Sussanne contradicted their own statements in their real-life and how!

On being asked by Karan Johar about whether there have been any insecure moments since Shah Rukh works with so many beautiful women, Gauri was quick to say that she gets irritated on listening to such questions. However, since it was Karan Johar, a friend, she decided to answer that. Brace yourselves as her answer might surprise everyone.

Shah Rukh Khan, Gauri Khan, Priyanka Chopra
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Gauri's take on infidelity

She said, "I pray to God everyday that if we are not supposed to be together and if he has to be with somebody else, then God, let me find somebody else also. And, I hope he is handsome. It's true! This is what I pray to God and I mean it. I feel if he has to be with somebody else, if he chooses to be with somebody else, I would not want to be with him. I would say, ok, great! Let me move on with somebody." Gauri also added that she is too proud of herself and her achievements to let him get ahead like this while she sits back quietly.

On the other hand, Sussanne, who was also sitting next to Gauri on the show, said that if something like that happens, she would not want to move on in life with him. She said that she is too attached with him to not be with him ever. Not just this, Sussanne also added that they were friends before becoming man and wife and that friendship continues between the two. She added that even if Hrithik gets the slightest hint of somebody trying to flirt with him or giving him any hints, he comes back home and tells her about it. She said there has never been any insecurity as the two have always been open with each-other.

Well, looking back at this interview, all we can think of is how times have changed. While Hrithik and Sussanne not only separated but the actor was embroiled in an ugly affair controversy with Kangana Ranaut and on the other hand, Gauri, who didn't seem too fond of Shah Rukh in the interview, has stood behind him rock solid despite all his failures, successes, controversies and hardships.