Britain's Queen Elizabeth II (3L) stands with her husband Britain's Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (3R), her son Prince Charles, Prince of Wales (2L) and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall (L), and her grandson Prince William, Duke of Cambridge (2R) and his wife Catherine, Duchess of CambridgeDOMINIC LIPINSKI/AFP/Getty Images

Colourful dresses, vintage cars, hand gloves, royal hats and Cinderella shoes—mention the royal family and these are the things that come to anyone's mind. The British monarch, one of the powerful families of the world, always makes sure to go by their royal books.

A rule is a rule and it is not meant to be broken. Sitting at the top of the crown is Queen Elizabeth II, who is known for her strict principles and conservation. And of course, she makes sure that every member of the family follows the royal line of protocol.

While being a member of the royal family sounds like a fairy tale life, it does come with some rules and protocol. Here we take a look at ten weirdest royal family rules that is followed diligently at the Buckingham Palace.

Prince Philip
Britain's Queen Elizabeth sits with Prince Philip during a visit to Whipsnade Zoo where she opened the new Centre for Elephant Care, in Dunstable, Britain April 11, 2017.Reuters

The famous Garlic ban: There is a ban on garlic by the Queen at the palace. The reason is simple—since the Royals are always on duty, they might have garlic breath the next, which is considered very anti-social by the Victorians. However, it is said that Prince Philip loves garlic and would sneak over the protocol while the Queen is away.

No shellfish: Ban on shellfish is indeed a self-imposed one—this is basically to avoid any food poisoning issues later.

Queen leads the dinner: That's a very weird one! While dining with the Queen, the visitors are expected to stop eating once she completes her dinner. Well, the Queen being courteous, always leaves a small amount of food on the plate so that the visitors can complete their meal.

Ban on autographs: The royal family members cannot sign autographs. This is considered a safety measure to protect the family members from any fraudsters.

Queen calls it night: The royal family members can go to bed only after the Queen calls it night. In other words, every member is expected to be awake until the Queen goes to bed. Lady Diana was the only one to bypass the rule as she preferred hitting the bed on time.

Throne heirs cannot travel together: Prince William was the one to skip this royal rule to travel with his son Prince George. According to the protocol, two direct throne heirs are not allowed to travel together.

Royals cannot play monopoly: Another weird one! The infamous business game Monopoly is banned in the palace. It is reported that since the game involves competing against each other for money and property, it is not liked by the royals.

Hats are replaced with Tiaras after 6pm: Ladies are expected to wear tiaras for any event after 6 pm while in the day they step out with the hats.

The Handbag rule: That's an interesting one! The Queen sends signals with her handbag while meeting someone. If she puts her handbag on the tables, it says she wants to end the meeting in another five minutes. If the bag is on the floor, she wants to end it immediately and if she places it on the chair, she is very much happy to continue the conversation.

They don't vote: They can vote but they don't vote as the royal family is known to be apolitical.

Well, that looks like being a royal is not as easy as we think!