Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner
Maisie Williams and Sophie TurnerGetty Images

Maisie Williams had some hilarious confessions to make about her friendship with Game of Thrones co-star Sophie Turner.

Reportedly in an interview with Glamour UK the two actresses opened up about the importance of their friendship and how it's only gotten stronger over the years. These two stars have had a friendship that has made them relationship goals for us. With their sweet gestures like Sophie asking Maisie to be one of her bridesmaids to casually pretending to kiss each other on set, these two have flaunted their friendship for all the world to see, but apparently, there are quite a few secrets shared between them.

"Sophie knows too much about me to not be my friend," Maisie said, later adding, "Whenever I'm like, 'I need help! This is bigger than anything I can sort out on my own,' Sophie is my point of call."

The pair grew up together playing sisters on the hit HBO TV show Game of Thrones, and it is a fair assumption that their real-life friendship helped their relationship dynamic on-screen as well.

Lena Headey and Maisie Williams
Lena Headey and Maisie WilliamsGetty Images

"Maisie is definitely my protector and I'm hers, too," Sophie said. "I know if anything happened – especially if it was on Game of Thrones, which it never, ever would – she'd go crazy and protect me . . . Maisie is my strong home."

Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams will appear again in the final season of Game of Thrones. The sisters have a lot to face in the final six episodes and from what we can see the Stark sisters still don't see eye to eye. But we hope they come together to face the threat of the White Walkers.