Cersei and Daenerys
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The final season of Game of Thrones is a shortened season with only six episodes. So you can count on the fact that each and every episode will deal with something significant and no episode will have more significant moments than the series finale.

The final epic battles planned for the episodes will see many deaths and the re-arrangement of the entire landscape of the kingdoms. But the question everyone has on their minds is who will win the game of thrones and who will sit on the Iron throne. Now, with all the battles and the death of current characters that will be a given in the final season. The characters themselves might be looking to the future.

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Cersei Lannister at the end of last season claimed that she was pregnant, that is a Lannister heir. Tyrion has been urging Daenerys to think of the future and name an heir. And from what we saw in the last season, when Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen consummated their relationship, it seems like Daenerys might be pregnant with a pure-blood Targaryen keeping true to Targaryen tradition. But there is one more claim to the Iron throne, and that is that of Gendry, who is technically a bastard and hence a snow. Now there have been theories about Cersei being Gendry's mother which would give the Lannisters another claim to the throne, but we have to say that if the showrunners do decide to place Gendry on the throne it would be a cop-out to avoid fan outrage as Gendry is well-liked by all and he did not have much of a character arc up until last season. So it would be like putting a complete stranger on the Iron throne.

And from what Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner have said about the ending, that could very well be the case.