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We have to say that this new piece of information about Game of Thrones is much more insane than Cersei Lannister apparently marrying Jon Snow. As we all know the smith Gendry has been put into the spotlight quite a bit last season and his character arc doesn't seem to be following the books. Add to that the interest of the Red Priestess and Davos in his apparent well-being and we have to wonder what the showrunners are going to throw at us where Gendry is concerned. He has already proved himself a worthy fighter.

But here is where it gets crazy. Reportedly In the show, Gendry's storyline was combined with that of Edric Storm, another of King Robert Baratheon's bastards. When we last saw him, he was rowing away from Dragonstone after Davos sprung him from prison in the season 3 finale. Should he row back onto our screens this summer, we may learn more surprises about him.

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We have one surprise in particular in mind. Today, we explore the theory that Gendry is actually the true-born son of Cersei Lannister. Apparently, these are a few of the references in the show that make Gendry's origins as mysterious and game-changing as that of Jon Snow. It reminds us of the Neville Longbottom reveal in Harry Potter.

Her first child

In season 1's "The Kingsroad," Cersei visits Catelyn Stark during Catelyn's vigil at the bedside of her son, Brandon, whom Jaime had attempted to murder. She offers her sympathies to Catelyn and speaks of her firstborn son, a "black-haired beauty" who died shortly after his birth.

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Cersei's relationship with Robert Baratheon

Cersei had a complicated relationship with Robert Baratheon, her king and husband. In "The Wolf and the Lion," she admits to him that she "felt something for you once, even after we lost our first boy. For quite a while, actually."

The apprentice

Gendry grew up as a Fleabottom peasant, yet he managed to land a job with the most prestigious armourer in King's Landing. How did he come to be noticed by Master Mott?

In A Game of Thrones, we learn that Mott took Gendry on as an apprentice after a mysterious man paid him double the customary apprentice fee. The man concealed his identity, which sounds like something Varys would do. In any case, it's clear that someone high up was helping Gendry. The question is who.

We'll have to wait and see what part Gendry will have in the final season of Game of Thrones or if he will be the person to claim the Iron Throne.