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We sure hope this does not happen. We really hope so. The final season of Game of Thrones is just around the corner and that means many characters, most of them fan-favourites will bid adieu.

But there are a few who have already died and come back, so we hope that they wouldn' be killed again. But who're we kidding, this is Game of Thrones. Anyone can die.

According to a fan theory, the Game of Thrones finale will revolve around "The God's Eye", which is apparently the largest lake of the Seven Kingdoms and it is apparently located around Harrenhal, the body of water is home to a single island - the Isle of Faces - and it was where the pact between the Children of the Forest and the First Men was created.

So it could be the show's way of coming full circle in a way.

But the White Walkers aren't the only thing threatening humanity after all. The theory elaborates on the lake, claiming that it is a super volcano. Which could erupt and engulf Winterfell. A cataclysmic event that will destroy all life on earth seems like a real stretch considering that is not how the show has been shaping up. And it seems that the only characters capable of surviving this event are the Targaryens, namely Jon and Daenerys as they can use their dragons to fly off. But it seems unlikely that Jon and Daenerys will leave behind those they care about. 

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But if it is, Kit Harington has had experience playing victims of a volcanic eruption. Pompeii anyone. The Game of Thrones star had starred in the disaster movie about the doomed city where a volcanic eruption killed off everyone.

Let's hope that this theory is not touched in the final season. And both Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen come out unscathed.