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Cersei will not redeem herself, that seems like a fact. Especially with this scene description.

The final season of Game of Thrones is right around the corner and those fans who hoped for some kind of redemptive moment for Cersei Lannister may be disappointed.

Be warned. Spoilers abound.

This apparently a description of the third scene of the third episode of the finals season of Game of Thrones.

The scene apparently begins with Cersei in King's Landing. Apparently, Qyburn visits the chamber of the Hand and informs Cersei that Winterfell has been attacked and that Daenerys and Jon have lost a great deal of their army.

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Cersei apparently smiles.

Qyburn apparently also informs her that the Lannister army has joined the Battle at Winterfell and Cersei asks him if Jaime has survived, but Qyburn tells he doesn't know. Cersei apparently answers that he shouldn't have.

The shocking moment in the scene is apparently when Euron arrives back in King's Landing and informs Cersei that the Golden Company successfully took Storm's End and that the army is gathered right there. He apparently tells Cersei he finally wants to receive his reward and they shouldn't wait to marry and be husband and wife tonight. Apparently, Cersei reluctantly agrees.

This marriage does not bode well for the kingdoms but this late in the game it might not be of much consequence. The act that she wishes Jaime Lannister dead is a new low, even for Cersei. Jaime is the only supporter she has and she was wishing him dead. Cold Cersei, so very cold.