Last year, the world's leading smartphone-maker Samsung revealed the concept model of its ambitious foldable phone at the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) 2018. But, the company promised that the actual commercial model will be leaner and also visually appealing than the prototype leaving many excited for flagship phone dubbed as Galaxy F aka Galaxy X.

Now, Samsung Vietnam, just a few hours ago (on February 1), released the Galaxy Unpacked 2019 teaser video revealing the much awaited Samsung foldable mobile. It apparently went viral on social media channels, but for reasons unknown took down the clip. However, by then many had taken the video off the YouTube and uploaded it on several social media channel.

Samsung, Galaxy S10, San Francisco
Samsung Galaxy S10 series is slated to make official debut at Galaxy Unpacked 2019, San Francisco on 20 February.Samsung Mobile Press

In the Samsung clip, the full-screen screen phones understood to be the Galaxy S10 series and also a big smartphone held by a lady with a lighted city behind in the background. She opens a smartphone with the bright display on top, and when unfurled it opens in two conjoined screens transforming in to tablet like structure. It can be noted that the device seem to have three screens. That's actually helpful for the consumer, as he or she can fold it and yet be able to see the notification and also do messaging with one hand. And, if want to see movies or any other multimedia contents, the consumer can unfurl it to see them with a wide screen.

So far there is no other information on the Samsung's upcoming innovative phone, but rival Huawei too will be showing off a similar breed of the bendable phone on February 24, a day before the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019. It is also touted to boast 5G support.

For the uninitiated, Samsung is slated to host the Galaxy Unpacked 2019 episode 1 on February 20, San Francisco.

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