Galaxy Note 7 explosion: Launch of Samsung Galaxy smartphones rumoured to be modified in 2017
Galaxy Note 7 explosion: Launch of Samsung Galaxy smartphones rumoured to be modified in 2017Samsung

South Korea based Samsung which has officially stopped production of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones due to the handsets going up in flames in instances reported from many geographies of the world, is now rumoured to change its Galaxy smartphone launch plans next year. This potential development represents a huge deviation as far as Samsung loyalists are concerned.

Till now, Samsung's general launch pattern comprised two flagship devices being launched in a calendar year. After the recent reported incidences of the Galaxy Note 7 going up in flames, it seems that next year there would be no new 'Note' smartphone.

Now, rumour mills operating out of South Korea have been hinting that Samsung would release only one major flagship smartphone as a result of an apparent change in strategies. These reports have come in at a time when there are intense speculations about the survivability of the entire Galaxy Note series of large-screen smartphones as a whole.

However, it is said that Samsung is yet to notify its partners with regard to the above 'changed' strategy; nonetheless, speculations are rife about this development going official at any point in time in the near future.

At this point in time, one Samsung device that is highly rumoured (and expected by loyalists) is the Galaxy S8. As far as the release date of this device is concerned, the handset could get an early 2017 release date.

As far as the entire Samsung Galaxy Note series is concerned, the first of these devices was launched way back in 2011 and this handset held the distinction of being the first-ever large-screen smartphone as it featured a screen measuring more than 5-inches. The popularity of these devices was such that even Samsung's own Galaxy Tab range was threatened, as the Galaxy Note smartphones were termed by loyalists as "phablets."