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After the nerve-wrecking episode 4 last week, Legion season 1 episode 5 will set aside David's memory and focus on his powers. After the delusional episode that gave us a bad headache, the promo of Chapter 5 shows a confident David headed out to save his sister Amy.

The trailer also shows Syd screaming into a dark space followed by Lenny kissing David. If you hear closely, the dialogue in that particular scene is seen transforming from Lenny's voice to the green monster, indicating that the monster has taken the form of Lenny in David's mind.

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In Legion season 1 episode 4, the truth about Lenny is hinted as the memories from the recording tape and Syd's confrontation of the ex reveal that the Lenny from David's memories is actually a guy named Benny.

Syd's doubt that David's memories shown to the mind readers and travellers could possibly be a disillusion when Amy informs the kidnapped doctor that David did not have a dog named King. The episode cracks open many mind lies planted in David's mind. But the episode left a number of questions as well.

How did Melanie's husband, Oliver Bird, reach into David's mind? What kind of powers does he have that he can teleport into another person's subconscious mind but cannot revive his frozen body? Will the female Kerry's death in the last scene lead to the doctor/scientist Cary's death as well?

The official synopsis of episode is as vague as always:

David faces a new threat.

However, the new promo throws more light on the mid season episode: 

Lenny could be his monster because every time there is a danger lurking around David, the green monster is the first mind person that David is surrounded by. This glimpse is immediately followed by Lenny making an appearance. This shows that not only are the two connected, but they are the most active "parasite" (as Oliver says) in his brain as compared to the other people.


New images from the episode that emerged online show David standing by his sister in a room with Lenny also making an entry in a suit. On the other side, it seems like Melanie and others continue their mind quest into David's mind. To understand what exactly is happening, watch Legion season 1 episode 5 on March 8.

Where to watch: The episode airs on FX on March 8 and on Foxtel on March 9

Time: 10/9c [FX] and 7.30 pm [Foxtel]

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