Big Little Lies
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Big Little Lies episode 3 was an intense reveal as it opened secrets of Celeste's brutal marriage. It was known that she was a victim of physical assault but the third episode stood witness to the brutality as Celeste, played by Nicole Kidman, stripped down naked under the shower.

The act was not meant sensual but was to reveal the kind of physical abuse she has been through. In the scene, Kidman is seen topless under the shower, flashing not only her bare back and breast but also her bruises.

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In the scene, Kidman's character Celeste is seen taking a shower when her husband interrupts and presents her an expensive necklace in the shower. The gift standing a consolation for the argument he had with her, earlier in the episode. The nudity in the episode highlights her silent story through her bruises.

The eerie shower scene leaves you in chills because it plays out to watch Perry forcefully kissing and making love with her while she stands naked in the shower reluctantly, but doesn't stop him either. Through the shower sex, Celeste's bruise becomes more visible. It is after this incident that the couple head to a couple counsellor where the two discuss the line between passion and rage.

This is not the first time that the actress showed off her sexy figure in the show. In Big Little Lies episode 2, the hot actress teased not only her fans but also her on-screen husband in sexy lingerie before it turned into an uncomfortable and violent sexual act. Pictures from the second episode are below:

A number of sex scenes have been shot and have been enacted by the two actors very well. Keeping it true to life, the scenes are meant to create an uncomfortable vibe for the viewers and the actress does justice to the scenes.

Big Little Lies began airing on February 19 and three episodes of the seven-episode mini-series have already made their debut. The show is limited to one season and is based on a best-selling novel based on the same title.