Jennifer Aniston, Friends
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The beloved sitcom Friends will be celebrating its 25th anniversary on 22 September. The show premiered in 1994 and over the course of a decade went on to be a smash hit.

Twenty-five years later, the show still hasn't lost its popularity, in fact it looks like the show is more popular than ever. But things weren't always as rosy as it seemed on screen. Jennifer Aniston for one, may have been the reason, the show lasted only ten seasons. Though the cast and the showrunners did a brilliant job and delivered a perfect ending for the show, Friends could have gone on, if the cast was not moving on.

Friends shot its entire cast to fame, but some more than others. Arguably, the most successful Friend would be Rachel Green herself, Jennifer Aniston. A couple of seasons into Friends, when the show's popularity was at an all-time high, Jennifer Aniston was gaining a foothold in Hollywood, the entire cast were stars on TV, but big-screen stardom still eluded them. Except for Aniston, who was making slow but steady progress with roles in movies like Bruce Almighty and Along Came Polly. Perhaps, the actress felt that her time on the show was inhibiting her pursuit of big-screen stardom. But it has been speculated that Jennifer Aniston's blooming movie career may have contributed to the show ending. Though it might not have been the only reason. 

Jennifer Aniston
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The popularity of her character Rachel Green did help Jennifer Aniston a lot in her career. After Friends ended, Jennifer Aniston went on to star in hits like The Break-Up and Horrible Bosses to name a few. Jennifer Aniston's next appearance will reportedly be in the Apple+ series, The Morning Show, where the Friends alum will star alongside another Friends star Reese Witherspoon.