Xiaomi is tirelessly working to make its presence felt in the global smartphone industry and the best way to do so is by launching new smartphones. Luckily, Xiaomi is not running short of new phones and if the latest report is to be believed then not one but four more are in the pipeline.

According to XDA Developers, Xiaomi could be working on as many as four smartphones with one feature that binds them all together - 108MP camera. The megapixel battle escalated from 48MP to 64MP and now it is trailing at 108MP - courtesy of Samsung's ISOCELL Bright HMX sensor.

Xiaomi hasn't confirmed the launch or even the existence of such smartphones, but the report suggests that the upcoming phones with the codenames 'tucana', 'draco', 'umi', and 'cmi' could be divided between the Mi and Redmi branding. As of now, there's no word on what the rumoured phones would be called by consumers.

Redmi Note-series 2019
Redmi Note-series 2019 shown here for representational purposeTwitter

The first evidence of Xiaomi's 108MP camera smartphones came to light after XDA Developers dug into MIUI's Mi Gallery app, which added support for viewing 108MP photos in full resolution. Now, there's a possibility that 108MP viewing support could be just that and doesn't necessarily mean the phones will have the high megapixel count sensor. However, considering Xiaomi is already teasing the launch of a new smartphone with Samsung's 108MP camera sensor, this new information doesn't seem strange.

Xiaomi's 64MP camera technology announced
Xiaomi's 64MP camera technology was recently announcedXiaomi

Besides Xiaomi, Samsung is also working on a 108MP quad-camera phone to be launched soon. The Galaxy A91 will be the first smartphone to use Samsung's own sensor, but it looks like Xiaomi is going a few extra miles  in using Samsung's newly-launched sensor. Currently, Sony doesn't offer a rival sensor with such high megapixel count, which means OEMs must rely on Samsung's offering if they wish to get into the megapixel war.

The leak about Xiaomi's four new phones doesn't reveal other specifications, such as the accompanying sensors with the 108MP primary sensor to say the least. Given Xiaomi's marketing practices, it won't keep its fans in the dark for long if there's something as big as this in the store. Stay tuned for updates.