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"The Fosters" went on break following season 3 summer finale on Monday, 17 August, breaking up three fan-favourite couples. While Callie and Brandon called it quits, Jude and Connor will try dating long-distance. Meanwhile, Matt made it clear to Mariana that he could never get back together with her. But people do change their minds.

Watching the love story of Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) and Mat Tan (Jordan Rodrigues) unfold has been a roller-coaster ride for fans. They have been on and off again since season 2A, and even when bombarded with obstacles, the couple managed to stay together until the middle of season 3.

When Matt had to leave for a three-week band tour, the couple felt the strain of being apart for the time, and as a measure of security, Mariana suggested that she wants to have sex with Matt before he leaves. He however, refuses, saying he wants their first time together to be special.

In his absence, Mariana gets drunk with an ex-boyfriend of her sister Callie (Maia Mitchell) and has sex with him. When Mat returns, he tells Mariana that he is love with her and does want to have sex with her. He reveals that he too is a virgin and that he was waiting for the right girl – aka Mariana – to have sex with.

A guilt-ridden Mariana confesses that she had sex with someone else. Heart-broken, Matt breaks up with her. In the finale, we saw Mariana singing a song called "love will keep us together" at a party that Matt attended, in order to catch his attention. However, he walks away even before the song ends. 

Mariana tells Matt she understands may be he cannot get over her cheating on him, but she has finally accepted what she did and has forgiven herself. Matt says he is glad she is feeling better, but cannot see a future for them anymore.

However, if we have learnt anything from "The Fosters" relationships, especially that of Callie and Brandon (David Lambert), it is that a relationship is never over, when they say it is over. Moreover, "Matiana" is a fan-favourite and many "The Fosters" fans are begging Matt to forgive Mariana.

Lindsay Marche: "Yes he should and they should get back together! I love Mat and Mariana together"

Tenesha Halliwell: "He should forgive her people make mistakes"

Eileen Black: "He have to, she mess up and Mat have to forgive her smile emoticon"

Jennifer Villatoro Amaya: "Yessss but Mariana don't do it again"

You will have to wait till winter to find out if the cute couple will get back together or not. Meanwhile, catch up on all the episodes from "The Fosters" via ABC Go.