The murder was discovered by the victim's brother. [In file: Secured by forensic specialists of the German police blood is spread on the floor at the crime scene after a deadly knife attack on May 10, 2016 in Grafing, Bavaria]Johannes Simon/Getty Images [Representational Image]

Former Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) MP and jailed gangster Mohammad Shahabuddin's nephew Mohammed Yusuf was shot dead in Bihar on Friday.

The incident took place late night at Siwan, when Yusuf, a resident of Pratappur village, was shot dead from close range by unknown assailants.

According to the police, he had been lying on the roadside for nearly an hour, after which he was taken to Sadar hospital, where he was declared dead on arrival by the hospital authorities.

"He was rushed to the hospital where he was declared dead. At the accident spot, we have found one empty gun and three bullets. We are now conducting the investigation at the places near the accident site," police officer Naveen Chandra Jha said, reported NDTV.

The murder has led to protests in the town, where angry mobs are blocking the roads, demanding actions.

Yusuf is alleged to be very close to the jailed lawmakers son Osama. Yusuf was also involved in the real-estate business.

The police have not yet confirmed the intention behind his killing.