Dead body
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A Chinese woman recently sent his husband to the morgue thinking that he had died in his sleep. The man, a late-stage cancer patient, who was still alive, spent his final hours in a funeral home morgue as no one checked whether he was actually dead or not.

The man with the surname Huang was diagnosed with stomach cancer in November. The family spent all that they could for his medical treatment but the doctors finally said that they could do no more for him. The doctors released him from the hospital so that he could die at home, Shiyan Evening News reported on February 27.

Huang's wife found his husband motionless in bed on Monday morning, when she went to wake him up. He didn't appear to be breathing, so she assumed that he had died in sleep and a funeral service was called to take his body away.

It was later discovered that Huang was actually alive when he was sent to the morgue. In fact, a few hours later, when the workers at the funeral service were preparing his body by dressing him up and applying make-up, they noticed his mouth and fingers twitching slightly.

They called for help, but unfortunately, by the time medical team arrived, Huang had breathed his last and the death was formally pronounced, South China Morning Post reported.

Huang's wife got to know that her husband was alive from the funeral company who waived all of its charges after they got to know about the family's financial plight.

The shocking thing is, this is not the first case, the manager of the funeral company claims that this was the third case since they got into this business.

"When relatives find a loved one apparently not breathing and their body stiff and cold, it's easy to assume they're dead," the man, surnamed Ren, said."But one should still perform the necessary medical examinations to check their heartbeat, blood pressure, and pulse."